What is National Pet ID Month

Each year, thousands of lost cats and dogs across Australia arrive at shelters and have no way of being reunited with their owners; either because they are not identified or their owner’s contact details are out-of-date.

December is a particularly busy time for shelters across Australia as they are inundated with pets that have escaped and become lost due to fireworks, stormy weather and holidaying owners.

National Pet ID Month is an annual awareness raising month initiated by the National Pet Register and The Lost Dogs’ Home to better the chances of reuniting these lost cats and dogs with their owners.
What you can do:

  • Mark December in your calendar as National Pet ID Month and an annual reminder to get on top of your pet’s identification,
  • Learn how to identify your pet, update your details and what to do if you lose a pet or find a lost pet,
  • Visit a ChipChecker event during December,
  • And, keep an eye out for an updated list of microchipping and ChipChecker events throughout the year at petregister.com.au/events

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