Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

When a member of the public finds a missing pet with a National Pet Register ID Tag*, they can simply contact 1300 734 738 and quote the pet’s unique ID number found on the tag. National Pet Register will then provide the finder with the pet owner’s contact details, so that they can arrange the reunion.

To locate a lost pet’s owner through their microchip the pet will need to go to a shelter, pound or vet clinic to be scanned by a microchip reader. Staff will then contact National Pet Register, provide the microchip number and a customer service operator will in turn provide the pet owner’s contact information.

National Pet Register is turning lost into found 365 days a year!

*Conditions apply for pet’s registered and microchipped in Victoria. Please contact 1300 REG PET (1300 734 738) for further information.

German Shepherd, Lily, Found 700km from home thanks to her microchip.