Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Having your pet identified is a simple and effective way to ensure they will always have a return ticket home! Each year, thousands of lost animals are brought into shelters across Australia without identification, making it impossible for shelter staff to contact owners and difficult for owners to find their pets.

There are two main methods of pet identification and National Pet Register strongly recommends having both a microchip and collar ID tag for your pet.

Microchip are the most effective method of permanent animal identification available. Approximately the size of a grain of rice, a microchip is implanted in an animal with a sterile implantation device, in the soft scruff of the neck. It is an extremely common and safe procedure. The microchip certificate may also be required as proof of ownership when registering a pet with your local council.

Collar ID tag National Pet Register tags are manufactured from UV stabilised nylon. Stamped into the tag are the recovery call centre number and unique ID number. The tags are designed to clip flat around a collar. All pets with a microchip registered with National Pet Register automatically receive a free ID tag, however our free pet ID tags are available to all pet owners at We accept registrations for any type of animal that can wear a collar, not only dogs and cats!

Pet owners should also register their cat and dog with the local Council and place the council tag on the collar.