What is National Pet ID Month

Each year, thousands of lost cats and dogs across Australia arrive at shelters and have no way of being reunited with their owners; either because they are not identified or their owner’s contact details are out-of-date. December is a particularly busy time for shelters across Australia as they are inundated with pets that have escaped […]

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Our 2014 campaign

Reuniting a lost pet with their owner should only ever be a phone call away however, each year thousands of lost pets cannot be returned home simply because their owners cannot be contacted. More and more owners are identifying their pets with a tag and microchip. While this is encouraging, many owners fail to or […]

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Having your pet identified is a simple and effective way to ensure they will always have a return ticket home! Each year, thousands of lost animals are brought into shelters across Australia without identification, making it impossible for shelter staff to contact owners and difficult for owners to find their pets. There are two main […]

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There are several ways that you can update your pet’s contact information on National Pet Register: Phone: Call National Pet Register on 1300 REG PET (1300 734 738) and one of our customer service operators will help update your contact information. To promptly find your record on our database, we recommend you have your pet’s […]

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When a member of the public finds a missing pet with a National Pet Register ID Tag*, they can simply contact 1300 734 738 and quote the pet’s unique ID number found on the tag. National Pet Register will then provide the finder with the pet owner’s contact details, so that they can arrange the […]

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How can I check if my pet’s details are up to date? Contact National Pet Register’s 24/7 call centre on 1300 734 738 with your pet’s microchip or green ID tag number on hand. If your pet’s microchip is registered with National Pet Register, we can check and update your contact details over the phone. […]

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